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Image Anotation – Zstoss


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We are providing image annotation for machine learning using the advance tools and human powered skills to make each image easily recognizable for machines or computer vision. We can label each data or annotate different types of objects like cars, human, animals or trees etc. using the various modes of annotation as per the client’s needs.


Semantic Segmentation helps to solve the vision problem in outdated computer that involves taking raw data like 2D images as an input and convert them into a mask with areas need to be highlighted. In semantic segmentation masses parts of images together belongs to the same object interested by the users and solve the computer vision problem.


Outline the objects using bounding boxes for in depth recognition either its humans, cards or other objects on the streets. We use 2D and 3D bounding box annotation tool depending on your quantity and quality of data. We will help you train the autonomous vehicles recognize such objects with proper tagging and classification to ensure the quality.

Polygon Annotation

Drawing precisely with contours in polygon shapes over the products to detect the objects and localization of videos or images.

Polylines Annotation

Applied into lane detection on roads for autonomous cars and other vehicles to detect the lane and move into the right direction.